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Do you have a timber burning insert that you want to see dancing with flames again but don't want the mess or time consuming preparation that normally goes with it? Consider a bio-ethanol burner.

Designed to drop straight into a wide range of timber inserts, including: Edwardian, Federation, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, all you need to do is finish it up with your choice of accessories and you're on your way to seeing your insert glowing with flames once again.

Built with efficiency in mind, the VB2 bio-ethanol burner is super easy to use and it yields an impressive 6 hours of burn time all while emitting nothing more than heat and water vapor: that means no need for a chimney or flue!

Are you thinking, "but I don't have a timber burning insert"? No problem! With one of our many timber burning inserts you can be on your way to having the complete look and feel of a heritage fire with minimal fuss.

If you're not a fan of traditional fireplaces there is a wide selection of free-standing and built-in contemporary bio-ethanol burners available for your choosing.
Technical Specifications
Fuel Volume
2 Litres (0.5 Gallons)

Heats on Average
15m square (161ft square)

Thermal Output Net
2.5kW (6180 BTU/hr / 7.236 MJ/hr)

112.5mm(H) x 330mm(W) x 110mm(D)
4.4"(H) x 13.0"(W) x 4.3"(D)

bio-ethanol burner