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The following special finishes are applicable for the follow ranges of tapware only:
Classique, Neu England and Winslow.

Customers please note that Special Finishes are manufactured on demand as a custom product and will not be accepted back unless faulty.

Payment in full is required prior to your order being commenced and we are unfortunately unable to stop the manufacture process once started in the event of "change of mind" so please choose carefully.

"Natural" and "Organic" finishes are intended to age/patina over time; any markings in these finishes are not a defect but character of the underlying material.

Please allow up to 8 weeks for PVD and 14 weeks for finishes other than Chrome.


Group 1

01 1100x1100


Durobrite Chrome (01)

Group 2

Brushed Chrome (28)

Brushed Nickel PVD (41)

Nero (21)
 Group 3     

Polished Nickel PVD (40)

Polished Swiss Brass PVD (44)

Brushed Swiss Brass PVD (45)

Brushed Nordic Brass PVD (47)

Gold PVD (48)

Rose Gold PVD (50)

Bright Black PVD (66)

Aged Iron PVD (65)

Statue Bronze PVD (61)
Roma Bronze PVD (57)

Brushed Copper PVD (53)

Weathered Brass Organic

Polished Nordic Brass PVD (46)

Polished Brass Organic (03)

Brushed Brass Organic (24)

Rumbled Brass Organic (23)


The following Finishes are P.O.A.

Europlate (02)





Gold (15)


Brushed Gold

Aged Iron

Matt Chrome

Vecchio Organic

Florentine Bronze

Brushed Gold

Bright Nickel (05)

Brushed Nickel Natural (22)

Rose Gold (31)
Brushed Rose Gold

Brushed Rose Gold (33)

Brushed Europlate (32)

Platino Matt (07)

Brushed Copper Organic (34)

Copper Organic (29)