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The Federation House

ISBN 1-875253-14-9


Federation is the name given to a particular style of house built in Australia between about 1890 and 1920. Red brick wall and orange tiled roofing, decorated with ridging and chimney pots of terracotta, were among the noticable characteristics of the majority of houses in this style. But a closer look reveals buildings that display the most extraordinary expression of developing national pride.

Built at a time when the seperate Australian colonies were combining to form a new nation, Federation-style houses consitute a unique statement of patriotism in architectual form. The rising sun emblem that appeared on countless gable ends symbolised the dawn of a new age for Australia and was itself adopted as a national symbol. After more than a century of British domination Australians had begun to find inspiration in their own country and its remarkable flora and fauna. For the first time, the flowers, birds and animals of the bush were used to decorate plaster, pressed metal, glass, terracotta and fretwork timber.

This book blends the story of these remarkable buildings with a wealth of information on their restoration and conservation. Shrew practical advice on restoration techniques from Australia's best-known writing on old houses, together with a comprehensive directory of suppliers which lists all of the services and materials necessary, combine to form an essential guide for every owner of a Federation-style house.