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Timber or Aluminium & Glass Nameplates

Our selection of Timber & Glass and Aluminium & Glass name plates provide a warm, clean, beautiful finishing touch to your home. Our Timber or Black Timber options give a classic elegance and are perfect for internal or semi-exposed locations such as verandahs and under eaves. Aluminium framed options are ideal for all areas from inside right to your front gate! You can mix and match your preferred combination of border, frame, font, background and size from a healthy selection of options as illustrated below. Simply download an order form and start creating your new nameplate today; alternatively call or visit our showroom to talk to us further about these items.

These nameplates are uniformly priced based on the size of the nameplate required:
Frame Size Approx Letters Timber Frame Aluminium Frame
500 x 150mm 10 $185.00 N.A
645 x 150mm 18 $185.00 N.A
480 x 130mm 10 N.A $230.00
620 x 130mm 18 N.A $230.00

sample of timber and glass nameplate
Timber & Glass

sample of black timber and glass nameplate
Black Timber & Glass

sample of gold aluminium and glass nameplate
Gold Aluminium & Glass

sample of black aluminium and glass nameplate
Black Aluminium & Glass

sample of extended options