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Timber & Glass Nameplates

Our selection of Timber & Glass name plates provide a warm, clean, beautiful finishing touch to your home. Our Timber or Black Timber options give a classic elegance and are perfect for internal or semi-exposed locations such as verandahs and under eaves. You can mix and match your preferred combination of border, frame, font, background and size from a healthy selection of options as illustrated below. Simply download an order form and start creating your new nameplate today; alternatively call or visit our showroom to talk to us further about these items.

These nameplates are uniformly priced based on the size of the nameplate required:
Frame Size Approx Letters Timber Frame
500 x 150mm 10 $220.00
645 x 150mm 18 $220.00

sample of timber and glass nameplate
Timber & Glass

sample of black timber and glass nameplate
Black Timber & Glass

sample of extended options