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On a cold winter’s night, nothing beats coming home to the warmth of an open fire.
As the dancing flames lap away the stress of a demanding day,
the tone is set for a relaxing evening
by the fire, or a romantic night in.

With a push of a button, your fire leaps into life,
 providing the instant warmth of a Gas Fire to fight back the cold. The environmentally friendly Genesis runs on either Natural or LPG gas, making it safe to heat your room all day long without affecting the health of your family or adversely affecting the atmosphere, due to the very low emissions.

Setting the Benchmark in Fire Safety

Genesis Gas Coal Fires have set the benchmark for fire safety standards in Australia. Designed to comply with demanding US and European safety standards, the Genesis is a world class leader, using state of the art Flame Supervision Technology that is guaranteed to give you peace of mind. The Oxygen Depletion System ensures that if the oxygen level in the room falls below a safe pre-determined level, the fire shuts down automatically.

The Hottest of the Hot

If you want it hot, then Genesis Gas Fires are the right heating solution for you. In fact, the heat output of the Genesis is so effective, that it simply leaves its rivals shivering in its wake.

( 18” Genesis Gas Fire pictured )


Original Cast Iron Inserts ( Woodfires ) can easily be converted with the Genesis Gas Fire to allow you to keep all your original Fireplace intact.

Now, you’ll  have the same look, no mess, and agreat fire,  all without the hassle of continually findingtimber to burn.

You want it BIGGER?

We’ve got it!

When size matters we’ve got the answer.
The 27” Genesis Gas Fire is the biggest in its class. 

 With Ceramic Back Technology, it has the largest heating capability in the range.


Don’t have a Chimney?  No Problems

The Mark III Genesis Gas Fire is available in a fully approved and tested Zero Clearance Box, which allows you to quickly and simply install the Gas Fire without the need of a working chimney.  Build a false chimney breast, run the flues and presto…

You go from a blank wall to toasting marshmallows, in just over a day!!