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Restored Original Cast Iron Insert
Heavy Casting, Boldly Patterned
Circa July 1879



Original Hoop Pine Fire Surround
with Heavy Carvings and Serpentine Mantle
1500mm wide x 1200mm high
Inside Opening 915 x 915mm



Fully Restored Double Shelf
Fire Surround - Hoop Pine with
English Oak Highlights Circa 1910

1405mm high x 1445mm wide
Inside Opening 945mm high x 915mm wide



Fully Restored Art Deco era Double Shelf
Fire Surround. Made of Qld Maple
by legendary Brisbane furniture maker...Trittons

2015mmhigh x 1750mm wide
Inside opening 920 x 920mm



Magnificiently Ornate
Polished Fire Surround
with very Decorative Features
Ex Pub in Armidale

1810 wide x 2640mm tall



Restored Cast Iron Tiled Insert
with Unusual Polished Hood
and Large Fire Basket

Large selection of Tiles available to suit



Large Hoop Pine
Fire Surround - Circa 1875

Mantle Shelf:1755mm
Height:         1295mm
Inside Opening 960 x 960mm