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Ceramic Nameplates

A ceramic nameplate brings a touch of ever-lasting elegance to your home. Made entirely from ceramic, these nameplates are perfect for use from your front door to the front fence. Suitable for house names and numbers almost everything can be customised to your hearts desire.

Name plates take approximately six weeks from date of order to arrive in-store.
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Below are examples of what can be achieved.

Rectangular Nameplates
Size Cost Text Lines
240 x 135mm $245.00  
435 x 135mm $295.00 Single
435 x 135mm $305.00 Double
400 x 140mm $295.00 Single
400 x 140mm $305.00 Double
Custom P.O.A Various

Oval Nameplates
Size Cost
230 x 175mm $255.00
310 x 220mm $305.00
460 x 200mm $329.00
470 x 260mm $375.00

Extra Charges
Item Cost Extra Information
Gold/Silver Border P.O.A This is a full border (to edge of plate), rather than a pin-stripe border (see Mullbrae example)
Arched Writing $19.00 Applies to rectangular nameplates only
Non-Standard Artwork P.O.A Standard artwork includes single roses, shell motiff and gum leaves

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Oval Nameplates